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Robin Hood Drabble Fest

"Short, sharp and to the point." - Djaq, 'Lardner's Ring'

Robin Hood DrabbleFest
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Robin Hood DrabbleFest
This is the Robin Hood Drabble Fest community!

Drabble Fest 2011 is coming soon! Here's how it will work:

ONE. Join the community! Drabbles will only be posted here, not to robinhoodfic or robinhoodbbc, so you've got to join to be part of the fun!

TWO. When the Fest opens, submit your prompts.

THREE. All the prompts will be collated into a big list.

FOUR. Pick any drabble prompt (or just write without one!), write your drabble, and post it to the community!

We're not strictly enforcing the 100 word rule though we do encourage you to aim for that - it's where the challenge comes in after all. Try and hit another fixed mark if you just can't get down to 100 words - say 150 or 200 (a droubble).

There's no absolute fixed upper limit but anything over about 250 words should really go to robinhoodfic or somewhere else more appropriate. You're into the realms of short fic at that point.

For more detailed rules, or to ask any questions, there will be a FAQ post!

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